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Line Dance Class Details

please click on the image below to check out the new LDF area on the Linedancer Magazine website 

In November 2009, I was honoured to be announced as the first Ambassador for LDF (Line Dance Foundation). This is a charity which was originally launched by the lady of Line Dance, Betty Drummond, at The Crystal Boot Awards in 2007. The aim is very simple, to raise and distribute funds to provide practical and financial assistance to any person who has earned their living or a significant part of it through the development of line dance, and for whatever reason are no longer able to do whether temporary or permanently.

In January 2011, I was overwhelmed to receive a Crystal Star Award at the annual Crystal Boot Awards for "outstanding contribution to Line Dance Foundation", following on from which, I was invited to attend a Kingshill weekend linedance holiday in March 2011 at The Norbreck Hotel, Blackpool, to teach the LDF 2011 dance in front of 400+ people. Loads of support from award winner Alan Birchall and Jacqui Jax.

Jacqui Jax and Alan Birchall, Cathy, and the lovely Pedro Machado,

Blackpool March 2011

since then, the support for Line Dance Foundation has grown immensely with more ambassadors on board and the first National LDF Day of Dance taking place back in 2012 in Manchester and Milton Keynes and since then, events have been held in 

Glasgow and York.

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